“No Cock Like Horse Cock” for orchestra and chorus

I think Pepper Coyote’s song “No Cock Like Horse Cock” is a goddamn yiffyfur anthem. 

So I orchestrated it (with Pepper’s permission) for chorus and orchestra and recorded a synthesized orchestra part. He graciously allowed me to pull together a few singers to open his NSFW show at Motor City Furry Con 2019. People loved it!

Pepper Coyote has agreed to let me release this arrangement under a “Creative Commons” license — specifically, CC-BY 4.0. That means anybody (including you!) can put together a performance at future cons, meets, weddings, bar mitzvahs, what have you. Here are your resources:

Also available for the musically nerdy (but not necessary for performance) are:

A version with four-part (SATB) chorus is also available by request. And if you have a performance lined up, I’ll re-arrange it for whatever you have.

Questions? Contact @JackNewhorse on Telegram.